Lisbeth Hamlin


My art is dedicated to fostering an appreciation of cultural diversity. My quest to preserve the vanishing peoples of the earth in collages, etchings and watercolors has taken me ...

... from Rajasthan, a former princely state of India, to Lamu, a Swahili island in the Indian Ocean ...

... from trekking with gypsies in the Himalayas, to pounding fou fou in a West African market ...

... from Ladakh, India’s “Little Tibet”, to Lake Dal, the “Venice of Kashmir” ...

... from singing and dancing with the Samburu of Kenya, to exploring the island of St. Eustatius in the West Indies.

My adventuresome spirit took me away to the Chalbi desert in Kenya to sketch the beautiful Gabra tribe and their caravans of camels. Living with them provided a tapestry of life which weaves through all of my work.

My rich and colorful paintings act as an ethnologist's record of primitive and traditional life. I focus on populations that consciously resist westernization, that still live in harmony with their environment and value their traditional dress and customs.

I have found many Shangri-Las. I have tried to capture the unique beauty, the vivid color, the movement and moods that make the nobility of each individual culture stand out. The simple dignity of mankind stimulates me to share my impressions visually.

Solo Exhibitions

2002Africa Kaleidoscopes - Gallerie of South Orange
South Orange, NJ
1997Africa Adorned - Robins Hutchins Gallery
Maplewood, NJ
Africa in Color - Gallerie La Taj
Alexandria, VA
1987Art & Artifact - Savacou Gallery
New York, NY
1984Expand Your Horizon - Phinney Ridge Gallery
Seattle, WA
1984Impressions of India - Principia Museum
St. Louis, MO
1983People of Africa - Gallerie La Taj
Alexandria, VA
1980Black and White & Color - Gallery Watatu
Nairobi, Kenya
1978Europe, Africa and Beyond - Harmon Gallery
St. Louis, MO

Awards and Competitions

2015Traveler's Palette - First place, second place and honorable mention
St. Peters, MO
1986Lilian Glazer Purchase Prize
Louisiana Watercolor Socieity, New Orleans, LA
1986American Watercolor Society 119th Annual Competition
New York, NY
1984Watercolor West XVI
Riverside, CA
1978Carpenter Annual Watercolor Prize
St. Louis Artists Guild, St. Louis, MO
1978Adelaide Carol Johnson Art Award
Principia College, St. Louis, MO


1987MA Gallatin (Printmaking and Anthropology)New York University
1977BA in ArtPrincipia College

Contact Info

Please contact me at [email protected]